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We stock more than 20 size blank labels on sheets, Printable on laser and inkjet printers. CD labels, DVD labels, Mailing labels, address labels, shipping, VHS, Cassette labels and a lot more. Label templates cross-referenced with the template in Microsoft Word, Apple address book and most popular label software. Labels available on A4 sheets. High quality labels, Smudgeproof, easy feed, non-curl label sheets fo superoir printing. Buy your labels direct from the manufacturer and save 25 to 95% when compared to office supply stores.

White, Waterproof, Weatherproof, glossy, removable, foil, Clear and color label materials available.

We can supply you with 1000 sheets, 10000 sheets, 100000 sheets and more. We welcome inquires from Australia, Malaysian, China and all countries in the Asia Pacific area. The higher the quantity you order the bigger the discount is for our labels. Buy Bulk labels and save.


34 x 64mm, 24 labels per sheet, Address labels

38 x 63mm, 21 label
per sheet

46 x 63mm, 18 label
per sheet

34mm x 99mm, 16 labels per sheet, Address labels

99 x 38mm, 14 label
per sheet, Address labels

63 x 72mm, 12 label per sheet, Shipping labels

99 x 67mm, 8 labels per sheet, Shipping labels

99 x 93mm, 6 labels
per sheet, Shipping labels

Full sheet labels, 199 x 289mm, 1 label per sheet

199 x 143mm, 2 labels per sheet, Shipping labels

99 x 139mm, 4 labels per sheet, Shipping, Parcels, cartons

99 x 57mm, 10 labels
per sheet

21 x 38mm, return address labels, 65 labels per sheet

Audio Cassette labels, 12 labels per sheet

Diskette labels, 12 labels per sheet

Diskette labels for face
15 labels per sheet

Video labels for face
12 labels per sheet
46mm x 76mm

15 labels per sheet
Video Spine label
17mm x 145mm

105 x 35MM
16 Labels per sheet. Address and mailing

105 x 149mm
4 labels per sheet
General purpose labeling

CD label - DVD label
2 labels per A4 size
label sheet

2 labels per sheet on
8.5 x 11" sheet, CD
and DVD Labels
Prices in Singapore Dollars FOB factory, Min. order 1000 sheets

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Matt White with permanent adhesive A4 size sheets

Prices for larger quantities, other sizes and other materials, please contact us. Prices keep dropping and dropping as the quantity you purchase increases.

Labels for laser printers

Our laser label sheets are made for use for printing with printers found in most business environments. Our Label sheets will work well with all HP, Xerox, Lexmark and all common brand laser printers. Label sheets passing through a laser printer have to deal with very high temperatures and then a series of twist and turns. Using label sheets through this process is a little more problematic that using plain paper. Adhesives can melt and low quality labels will peel off inside the printer causing severe jamming.

Labels for Inkjet printers

Ink jet labels on sheets are designed to work will all types of inkjet printers. Inkjet printers release a jet stream of wet ink. The wet ink is absorbed by the paper. Our labels are manufactured with a special absorbing paper which helps prevent the smudging. Inkjet printing is an affordable way of printing labels. Advancements in Ink jet printing technology has made this form of printing labels popular. We recommend you try our Inkjet label for your inkjet printing labeling needs. We offer a clear material for inkjet printing as well as a glossy inkjet printing material. Our removable adhesive labels will work on you inkjet printers.

We guarantee it! If you have any problem running the labels through your printer, just send back the unused labels to us for a full refund. can custom manufacture any size label you require on A4, A5, 8.5 x 11", 8.5 x 14", 8.5 x 17" sheets. Please contact us for a quotation and samples.

Information on printing your own here

Use our blank laser and inkjet labels for many types of labeling applications. Bottle labels, Jar labels, canning labels, parcel and carton labels. Storage labels, file folder labels, Media labels and more. Contact us for a quote and if you need samples:

Store all sheets flat and avoid direct sunlight
and high humidity!!!




Blk164 Kallang Way,
#02-21/22/23 Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate,
Singapore 349248

Tel: (+65) 6281 7466  
Fax: (+65) 6281 7411

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We do not sell Avery® labels or any Avery® products and are in no way affiliated with Avery-Dennison Corp ®. Avery ®cross-reference numbers are used here ONLY for selection of proper software label template layouts in most popular label software programs including Microsoft Office Word. Cross-references numbers are for laser and ink jet label template layout only.
Avery ® cross-reference numbers are not indicative of laser or injket label sheet performance and type.

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