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Xtrack RFID Smart Labels

We are innovators of RFID converting technologies. Our RFID labels are manufactured with our proprietary technology and meet the highest standards required for RFID deployment.

We embed RFID tags (inlays) into RFID self-adhesive paper labels with our patent pending technology which increases the reliability and consistency of the labels while reducing costs effectively

Xtrack™ RFID Smart Labels are printable on thermal printers are a stock Item. Thermal Transfer Face-Stock with a permanent acrylic adhesive, 500 labels per roll:

  • Xtrack™ UHF EPC class 1 Size: 4" x 6"
    Model# Xtrack™ 4x600TT
  • Xtrack™ UHF EPC class0+ Size: 4" x 6"
    Model# Xtrack™ 4x611TT
  • Xtrack™ UHF EPC class1.19 ucode Size: 4" x 6"
    Model# Xtrack™ 4x622TT

We can supply Xtrack™ RFID Smart Labels with information encoded and printed onto the labels. Xtrack™ RFID Smart Labels meet Wal-mart and the U.S. Department of Defence requirements,.

We offer custom size manufacturing of the Xtrack™ RFID Smart Label with a variety of face-stocks and adhesives including Thermal Direct pressure sensitive paper, embed any type of inlay you might require, and accurately embed the inlay anywhere in the label consistently.

Our system and methods of manufacturing increases the reliability and consistency of RFID labels to 100% accuracy for our Xtrack™ RFID Smart Labels. This is important to the end users and manufacturers because it increases their throughput, it decreases the operational time that they need to print those labels, and the reliability of the label helps them integrate other high-speed applications.

We are producing a high quality RFID labels with excellent accuracy and at lower cost levels. We are at the forefront of converting RFID Labels. We have increased the functionality of labels and started a revolution. We are working on expanding our RFID capacity for the billions and billions of Xtrack™ RFID Smart Labels the market will soon require. is working to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Alien Technology Inc.
Approved Convertor Partner

For more information, Pricing and data on our Xtrack™ RFID Smart Labels, please contact:

Innotech Resources Pte Ltd
Blk164 Kallang Way,
#02-21/22/23 Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate,
Singapore 349248

Tel  : (65) 6281 7466 .... Fax  : (65) 6281 7411

Russell Ossendryver
336 Convent Avenue, NY, NY, 10031, USA
212-234 5775


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
  • Container Identification
  • Pallet Tracking
  • And More....


  • 13.56 MHz - ISO 14443
  • 13.56 MHz - ISO 15693
  • 869-915 MHZ - UHF

Customer benefits

  • New and most innovative UHF / GHz technology
  • Use readers from multiple suppliers
    Print Barcodes on most popular thermal printers
  • Highly advanced anti-collision and highest speed
  • Open product platform targeted to be compliant with ISO 18000-4 and ISO 18000-6
  • Reader portfolio covers all regional demands
  • Complete chip and tag product roadmap including OTP memory (single write and license plates) and EEPROM read/write memory (security and sensors)
  • 100% accuracy
  • Certificate of inspection


Alien RFID Tags

Converted Roll of Printed RFID Labels

About - is a leading manufacturer of laser and inkjet sheet labels in over 50 sizes including CD, DVD, mailing, shipping labels and more in 19 different materials. has a presence in Asia through Innotech Resources PTE LTD in Singapore. Innotech Resources PTE LTD is a major converter of barcode labels and other pressure sensitive labels. Innotech also handles all aspect of barcode and RFID development, RFID system and integration and manufacturing for the Asian markets.





Blk164 Kallang Way,
#02-21/22/23 Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate,
Singapore 349248

Tel: (+65) 6281 7466  
Fax: (+65) 6281 7411

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We do not sell Avery® labels or any Avery® products and are in no way affiliated with Avery-Dennison Corp ®. Avery ®cross-reference numbers are used here ONLY for selection of proper software label template layouts in most popular label software programs including Microsoft Office Word. Cross-references numbers are for laser and ink jet label template layout only.
Avery ® cross-reference numbers are not indicative of laser or injket label sheet performance and type.

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